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Eine Lootbox (auch als Loot Crate, Prize Crate oder Beutebox bekannt) ist ein virtueller Behälter in Computerspielen, der eine zufällige Sammlung bestimmter Items, zum Beispiel Waffen und spezielle Gegenstände, enthält.Diese können im Spiel freigeschaltet
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Loot boxes are a popular form of monetization in video games. Similar to trading card packs, you have a chance of getting what you want when you open one. If a player runs out of boxes and still hasn’t gotten what they wanted, additional loot boxes are usually available for purchase.
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《戰甲神兵》 (英語: Warframe,中國大陸譯作“星際戰甲”,港臺譯作“戰甲神兵”,又譯作「戰爭框架」) 是一個2013年發行的主打PVE的第三人稱射擊遊戲,并由加拿大 Digital Extremes ( 英語 : Digital Extremes ) 開發的獨立遊戲,可在Microsoft Windows,
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Loot Boxes – Loot boxes are randomly hidden all over the map, it’s up to you to find them! Loot boxes can be opened with a key, for only $2.99 USD. You can buy them on the main menu. Buy in bulk and save! for only $100 USD you can get 100 keys!
The loot boxes controversy in gaming
28/6/2019 · Loot boxes are a very hot topic in the gaming world. So my thoughts are to remove the pay real cash to play but instead have a better in-game currency linked to achievements, then everyone can be on an equal footing. Maybe.
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Loot boxes? :: Rocket League 綜合討論

Loot boxes? Does anyone think this could be a thing to come in rocket league as more and more cosmectics come into the game. EDIT: To clarify I do not mean a real money type loot box and nor is it really needed quite yet but It would be a good reward for new players to get as the level of cosmetics increases over time.
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Why are loot boxes acceptable in this game, but not others? :: …

We’re starting to see loot boxes become more common in modern games, and there’s often a lot of outcry when it happens. Are they accepted in CS:GO because of the free content updates, the low price tag, or something else? And were they part of the game
Game Rant – The loot box debate rages on
The loot box debate rages on Former EA president Peter Moore was asked about loot box practices and gave his opinion and reasoning as to why loot boxes are not gambling.

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Loot boxes and weapon mods Certain builds are imposible to create without some of the mods from 30000 loot boxes which simply means certain classes are unplayble or 50 % effective as they should be, YES I AM TALKING ABOUT THE BLOODY LIFESTEAL MODS …
Loot Box Fines Possibly Coming, Pending Dutch Authority Investigation
FTC Public Workshop on Loot Boxes – So What Now?
1 The first panel, “Treasure or Trifle?A Macro Look at Microtransactions,” focused on the role of loot boxes and similar mechanics in the video game ecosystem and the impact of those monetization models on end users; the second panel, “Head in the Game – What Drives Look Box Spending,” examined the social, psychological and economic motivations associated with loot box spending; and
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Loot boxes have been thrown out, too, in favour of a battle pass system. Loot boxes have been thrown out, too, in favour of a battle pass system. English (US) Español Français (France) 中文(簡體)
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