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強化玻璃 tempered glass 25. 膠合玻璃 laminated glass 26. 層間玻璃隔層 spandrel panel frit 27. 玻璃墊 setting block 28. 反射玻璃 reflective glass 29. 眺望玻璃 vision glass 30. 透明光學玻璃 vision light glass 31. 熱浸鍍鋅 hot dipped galvanized 32.
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Curtain wall (architecture)
Spandrel or vision glass may also contain translucent glass, which could be for security or aesthetic purposes. Opaque glass is used in areas to hide a column or spandrel beam or shear wall behind the curtain wall. Another method of hiding spandrel areas is
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‧ Emissivity of Low-E insulating glass is 0.02 ~ 0.11, while that of uncoated glass is 0.84. ‧ In tropical or subtropical areas, the Low-E coating should be positioned on #2 for heat insulation surface (facing inward from outside the building), while positioned on #3 surface for keeping interior
Fritted glass
Fritted glass is finely porous glass through which gas or liquid may pass. It is made by sintering together glass particles into a solid but porous body. This porous glass body can be called a frit.Applications in laboratory glassware include use in fritted glass filter items, scrubbers, or spargers..
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It is widely used as decorative glass and spandrel glass to hide the back panels, patterns can be customized. Ceramic Fritted Glass provides certain light shading function, can be combined with Low-E glass to improve the energy saving function, and achieve a better shading coefficient value.
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26/2/2013 · 小弟想請問各位 F.S PUMP ROOM TBE ROOM FAF ROOM EAF ROOM HV SWITCH ROOM PABX ROOM 點解 香港討論區 TBE ROOM=電訊及廣播設備機房 FAF=鮮風 EAF=抽氣 HV SWITCH ROOM=高壓掣房 PABX= private automatic branch exchange=你當佢係電話機房啦
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ASTM C1048
This specification covers heat-treated flat glass – kind HS, kind FT coated and uncoated glass used in general building construction. Glass furnished under this specification shall be of the following conditions: condition A – uncoated surfaces, condition B – spandrel glass, one surface ceramic coated, and condition C – other coated glass.
Spandrel curtain wall / aluminum and glass / with integrated insulation / high-resistance - UNIVERS® - INSTALLUX
spandrel glass panel issues
spandrel glass panel issues This window01 has a spandrel glass panel at the top which we can not get to be manipulated before bringing it into VIZ like the other components in the window. If you SHADE it – you will see what I mean.
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Solved: Automatic Spandrel Panel in Revit 2017?
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Spandrel curtain wall / aluminum and glass / with integrated insulation / high-resistance - UNIVERS® - INSTALLUX
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